Lg p330 Price 

 When the phone is closed - it looks like your typical slider mobile phone. But if you slide-out keyboard, it contains full QWERTY keys, which must be a paradise for the avid texters out there. If you like typing a rather long text message to your mobile phone - then you have a blast playing with the keyboard of the LG KS360.

Again, on your next mobile phone deal, you should definitely place the LG KS360 on top of the list if you have a budget phone with a basic set of features - and if you are an avid texter.

However, like any other form of mid-range mobile phones, there are drawbacks to buying the LG KS360. First is the lack of 3G calling or 3G connectivity. There is no flash on the camera. So, the 2-megapixel built in camera is only suitable for occasional daytime snapshot.

The final rating for the LG KS360 mobile phone
The Lg p330 Price is not perfect of feature-packed - and it makes no claim to.What the LG KS360 is a solid, reliable mid-range mobile phone with solid messaging features.

If you are a 'wordy' text message the sender and you want a full QWERTY keyboard on your mobile phone at a decent price to have the LG KS360 is just for you. Just do not expect them to come with a complete set of features you'll enjoy similar but slightly higher-priced mobile phones in the market today.

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